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Welcome to Wynne Ware


Welcome to Wynne Ware

A welcome letter from Wynne Ware founder, Maureen Wynne.

Wynne Ware was created out of a genuine love for design - not just the end product, but the process of creating and appreciating. This love and curiosity was sparked from a young age and has since taken me all over the world and has introduced me to artists and creators who are passionate about their craft.

I think of homewares as not just something that fills the space in which we live, but as a way to create a very personal environment. I believe you should love and enjoy what you bring into your home. As much as the clothing you wear, your home is a form of self-expression. When you walk into someone’s home, you get a sense of the person who lives there, what they love, and what is important to them.

I grew up in a home of collectors. Our house was an eclectic mix of pieces that my parents had acquired over the years, some of which were beautiful, like the hand-carved wood and mother-of-pearl inlay chest, and some were very unusual and funky, like the coin operated horse in our family room (the kind you would find in front of a supermarket) and I questioned why they were in our home. They had an eye for design that was unique to them and brought them joy. I look at those same pieces I considered weird now with an appreciation and fondness because they are so unique to my parents and have become very much a part of me.

My grandmother, too, had a great influence on me. She would drag me along to garage sales with her, sorting through piles of other people’s stuff, house after house, Saturday after Saturday. Her home was a wonderland of unique curiosities and I loved wandering around and observing the objects that decorated her home. This world sparked my passion for making old things new again. Since those early days, I’ve loved to hunt and gather things that have caught my eye. I find great pleasure in finding interesting one-of-a-kind pieces as well as items that are handmade because even if more than one was created, two are never the same and they have a story behind them.

The past few years I’ve also thought a lot about the impact of consumption, both the negative and the positive. I believe that conscious consumerism is a powerful way to stand behind your beliefs and affect change in a world where we’re producing at an unsustainable level. When putting together the collection, I look for products that are meant to last, pieces that are of high quality, ethically manufactured, and produced by skilled craftsmen.

Since starting Wynne Ware, one of my favorite aspects has been working directly with designers, many of whom are creating their pieces by hand - either forging new approaches or reviving time-tested techniques. I wanted to highlight these designers in an ongoing interview series where we get to know them on a personal level and learn about how they view their craft and what inspires them. I think if we can understand where our products come from and who makes them we’ll give more thought into what we purchase.

I created Wynne Ware to share my unique aesthetic perspective and create a collection for objects, old and new, that will blend into any home. I wanted the pieces to be as interesting as the people who made them and who would eventually purchase them. Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something that surprises and delights.


 Maureen Wynne




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