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Designer Profile: Kira Heuer

Designer Profile: Kira Heuer

Kira Heuer is the designer and founder of Bib&Sola, the contemporary glassware company with a mission. Latin for Drink and Comfort, Bib&Sola offers a conscious alternative to plastic while simultaneously raising awareness for water, donating 10% of all profits to water protection partners. We sat down with Kira to talk about her inspiration for the brand and the power we have as consumers to make a change.


WW: Can you share more about your upbringing and what contributed to making you the woman you are today? 

KH: My Dad is an environmental activist who pledged his love for the ocean from day one waking us up for dawn patrol surf sessions before school along with a mother with an artistic soul, who was an artist by trade. We had an art studio in our home so there was no escaping the impact of what her beauty and her creations did for our lives. I have lived within the creative fields all my life; ballet, writing, art consulting. I continue to connect and desire these realms on a personal level.

WW: What inspired the creation of Bib&Sola?

KH: I dove deep into studying the topics of water -  from women water bearers, plastic pollution, to the actual worship of water in some cultures. I found my space to be focused on inspiring consumers to take action and change a habit. I’ve always felt the power in the consumer choice; to me that is where we can make great change. And because we are doing it together we create a cool community and connection -- something we need a bit more of today.

Bib&Sola was something that happened beyond me, I never set out to create a brand but once I understood the water issues at hand, I had to give it my best shot to be a part of changing the relationship we have with water. I had to do something that ideally makes a human shift; Bib&Sola is my “something”.   

WW: What is “Aesthetic Activism” and how is Bib & Sola leading the way?

KH: I guess it’s my personal mini-rebellion against fear and the way the media is perpetuating fearful thinking at such a rapid pace. We have a real advantage in numbers and the way we choose to purchase goods can change the greed structure. Creating beautiful products that are socially responsible and inspired is a way to empower us in our daily lives. It might sound a bit idealistic but it goes back to Mother Nature and the power in her beauty and what it can do for us as a people. I mean, c'mon, flowers?! What if our approach to creating products was an ode to her divinity? Her structure? Her intelligence? Making aesthetics a large part of the inspiration when creating products, creating a life allows us to feel empowered in the way we purchase.

WW: What inspired the designs behind your glassware?

KH: The glassware is completely inspired by the women water bearers of our time. They display true elegance and grace under such an unjustified plight carrying these large containers on their heads to supply their villages with clean water. Their fashion is full of life and color—they are so chic and offer up a strength we can all learn from. It was all about them when I created these pieces. I wanted something striking because their story struck me.

WW: What charities and organizations do you partner with?

KH: Plastic Pollution Coalition is our main go-to. Dianna Cohen, the founder, is a champion doing impactful work with regard to Mother Nature. We also work with Digdeep, Drop in a Bucket Charity:Water to name a few. It’s all about the charity's quality of work and finding out where they need assistance and what kind of impact they have both environmentally and socially.

WW: What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

KH: Being an entrepreneur can be quite a lonely quest at times, there are many late night “weight of the world” moments. So my best advice would be to give yourself the chance to dig deep and find out what IS inside of you. You will be put through a lot of initiation phases by the “entrepreneur gods”, so really allow yourself to be one with the process. It might sound cheesy but it will be the difference in enjoying the ups and down rather than suffering. That said, also be a chaser, chase like no other. Follow up is key. AND ask friends for help, ask everyone for help! AND do not go forth until you are compelled, it’s an incredible ride, but if you are not compelled you will be tempted to give up.

WW: What are you currently reading or watching?

KH: I can't get enough of reading -- so many incredible modern authors at the moment. I just finished ‘There There’ by Tommy Orange, ‘How to Write an Autobiographical Novel’ by Alexander Chee, and ‘My Year of Rest and Relaxation’ by Ottessa Moshfegh. I also just recently rewatched Field of Dreams and was reminded as to what an incredible film that is!

WW: What's next for Bib&Sola and the journey for clean water?

KH: After creating the brand, I realized it did create awareness but we are up against a huge plastic pollution issue where a solution needs to be created. The copious amount of plastic waste suffocates the ocean plankton (besides trees, plankton is our main source of oxygen) causing issues with our oxygen levels. Not to mention, what is happening to all marine life. Plastic is also doing harm on our bodies. Major harm. Creating the connection that we are just a part of this ecosystem. What we do to the planet, we are doing to ourselves. If we actually worked with the planet, oh the life we could lead! We have some very cool things up our sleeves with new products on the way -- all very exciting!

WW: Any words of wisdom you live by?

Oh so many…I will never be able to choose so here are my current favs of the day as it is ever changing!

“The thing I imagine myself being in the future doesn’t exist yet.” Donald Glover

“We need the tonic of wildness” Henry David Thoreau

“We are so lightly here. It is in love we are made. It is in love that we disappear.” Leonard Cohen


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