Our online store is currently closed and will reopen in 2024. Please reach out with any questions. Thank you.


Wynne Ware offers a collection of designer homewares and vintage pieces that blend perfectly in the modern home of today. We believe the objects we use and surround ourselves with can be poetic and expressive, inspire creativity, and articulate our values. They can be functional, yet objets d’art in their own right. Wynne Ware selects pieces that convey a true sense of artistry, that are both current and timeless.

We aim to achieve a balance between luxury and sustainability in a way that is in tune with the modern consumer by selecting lasting pieces for how people live today; a counterpoint to mass-produced, disposable products. We partner with designers who share this ethos and are creating sincere designs and quality products through responsible production. Alongside our designer collections we offer a considered edit of vintage pieces since so many beautiful objects already exist and simply need a new home to renew their meaning and appreciation.

Our collection is unique and constantly evolving, mixing past and present effortlessly. We hope our thoughtful wares will transcend time and become a part of your cherished collection - unique and meaningful to you for years to come.



A native Californian, Maureen Wynne has a discerning eye and an inherent taste for design that was refined from a young age scouring garage sales with her grandmother and rummaging through her parents’ garage filled to the brim with antiques and obscure objects. Her parents were avid collectors of everything from furniture and art to jukeboxes and porcelain figurines, and instilled in her the importance of craftsmanship. She grew to have a deep appreciation for the collections that surrounded her and have become a treasured memory of her childhood.

Additionally, her Art History degree from UC Berkeley and experience working in advertising at Google have helped hone her creative eye. As an artist herself, Maureen has a great understanding and appreciation of the imagination and mastery that goes into each product. Maureen travels the world sourcing beautiful items that all have a story to tell. Her travels have taken her most recently to Oman, Denmark, Iran, Russia, and Spain.

Maureen Wynne lives in San Francisco with her husband, Brendan, and mini poodle, Birken.

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