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Perspective: Alex Yeske

Perspective: Alex Yeske

Image by Angi Welsch



The talented Alex Yeske has an extensive design background including graphic design posts at Madewell and Loeffler Randall and is the creator of the beloved blog, Dreams + Jeans. She is currently the Art Director for woman’s clothing brand, Lou & Grey. We spoke with Alex about her creative background, how her travels inform her taste, and her process for choosing the items in her home. 


WW: Can you tell us about your background and how your blog, Dreams + Jeans, came about?

 AY: I was studying graphic design in college and during one of my summer internships in New York, I discovered blogging. I loved the creativity and community of blogs so I decided to create my own. I had many interests at the time outside of my major and loved being able to talk about fashion, interior design, beauty. Having my blog has really allowed me to hone and shape my aesthetic over time, and I love having a visual record of that journey.

 WW: What have been some recent sources of inspiration?

AY: Right now I can't get enough of home and interiors inspiration! Last year I was contemplating a change in careers and I interned at Michelle R. Smith Interiors. Her aesthetic opened my eyes to the combination of old and new. The way she mixes eras, design styles, patterns and high/low is incredibly impressive and unique. I am constantly inspired by everything she does.

 WW: How have your travels informed your taste and sense of design?

AY: I feel so lucky to be getting to travel more and more each year, especially internationally. I've found it brings a tremendous amount of inspiration. I love to get a few special things for our home on each trip so we can remember it. On my most recent trip to India, I brought back a lot of pottery from Jaipur and a small rug. To me, it is so important to have these curated, unique pieces for your home that tell the story of your life.

WW: How do you think about what items to purchase and bring into your home?

AY: For me (and us) it is rarely an impulse purchase. I buy for our home with a similar lens as I buy for my closet. I like pieces that are more classic, that aren't following design trends. Our apartment is currently at max capacity so I try to be really thoughtful about what we bring into it and how it will function. Right now we are slowly upgrading some pieces around our home, painting the walls, moving art around, etc. I grew up having many antiques in our home and I am now trying to bring more antiques & vintage pieces into our apartment. I'm finding the joy in the imperfect and embrace the nicks and scratches.

WW: What is an object in your home that has particular meaning to you and why?

AY: I was very close with both of my grandmothers and had a special fondness for my paternal grandmother’s home. It was a well-crafted mid-century house filled with lots of amazing pieces from the era. We now are lucky to have one of her lamps in our living room; it's a Jane and Gordon Martz walnut lamp. It makes me so happy to have a piece of her home in ours. I have a few other pieces of hers stored for our future home one day.


P.S. Alex wrote a feature on her blog, Dreams + Jeans and an interview with Maureen. 


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